Articles of Association and Rules

1. Name

The Organisation shall be known as The Saint Andrew Society of Yokohama and Tokyo

2. Aims

The aims of the Society are to:

  • Promote friendship between Scots and other interested individuals
  • Promote Scotland and its traditions and culture to interested individuals
  • Foster Japan- Scottish relations
  • Support charitable or worthwhile causes as determined by the Committee

3. Membership

There will be two types of membership

  • Regular Membership
  • Honorary Membership


Regular Membership shall be open to any individual who submits their contact details for registration on the Society's computer database, and remains valid while the member keeps the contact details up to date. Honorary Membership can be conferred by the Society on any person who has made an exceptional contribution towards the Society's aims or to the Japan-Scottish community.

Process of Membership

Individuals can join the Society by registering their contact details on the Society's computer database. Such applications shall be deemed accepted in principle two weeks after registration, though the Committee reserves the right to refuse an application in exceptional circumstances. Honorary Membership can be conferred on a candidate if the Committee is satisfied that the criteria have been met, bearing in mind that the distinction will not be conferred lightly. The proposal will be put before a General Meeting of the Society. A two-thirds majority is required for voting approval.

Withdrawal of Membership

The Committee reserves the right to withdraw membership from any individual that has brought the Society into disrepute. The Secretary will notify membership withdrawal in writing to the member.

4. Committee


The Society will be under the management of a Committee elected once a year at the AGM. The Committee will have full power to manage the affairs of the Society and to administer its funds.


The Committee will consist of 3 office bearers- Chieftain, Secretary and Treasurer - and between 4 and 8 other regular members of the Society.

Term of Office

The term of office shall commence from the AGM.

Non-Election of Committee

If a Committee is not for any reason elected at the AGM or an AGM is not held for any reason then each Committee member will continue to hold office until an election is held.

Co-opting of members

The Committee may set up ad-hoc groups to assist the needs of the Society in arranging events by requesting help from other regular members to help in organisational tasks.

5. Meetings

The Chieftain, whom failing, another office bearer, will preside over any General or Committee meeting. The Secretary will take minutes and distribute them to the Committee for agreement at the next Committee meeting. Should the Chieftain or the Secretary be unavailable then other members of the Committee will take their place on an ad-hoc basis. All Committee members will be entitled to one vote on any decision being made, the vote will be made by a show of hands and should any tie occur then the Chieftain has the casting vote.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

(a) The AGM will be held once a year in April with the following business placed on the agenda of every Annual General Meeting:

  •     Receipt of the Chieftain's Annual Report
  •     Receipt of a Statement of Accounts from the Treasurer
  •     Election of a committee

(b) The Secretary shall give 14 days written notice via electronic mail to the Membership database of the date, time and location of the AGM.

(c) No AGM will take place unless a quorum of voting members (10) is present.

(d) The Committee members shall be elected at the AGM; each Committee member must be nominated and seconded before they are allowed to stand. In the case of more than one individual wishing to stand for the same position then the membership present will decide with a show of hands.

Special General Meeting (SGM)

The Committee will convene a SGM if they receive a written request, signed by at least 20 regular members and stating the reason for the SGM. The Secretary will then notify all members by electronic mail giving at least 14 days notice of the time place and location of the SGM.

Committee Meeting (CM)

The Committee Meeting will be held at a location time and place convenient to the majority of the Committee. No business will be undertaken unless a quorum of at least 4 Committee Members is present. Committee Members will be expected to regularly attend Committee Meeting and be willing to assist in the arrangement of events.

6. Finance

The Treasurer will maintain an account with a bank as the Committee may from time to time determine. The Treasurer will have control of funds with at least one other Office Bearer, usually the Chieftain or the Secretary, required to confirm bank transactions. The Treasurer will be required to lodge and withdraw funds from the Society bank account within a reasonable time before or after an event.

7. Amendments

The Rules of the Society may be added to, altered or amended at the AGM or at an SGM called for that purpose. Written confirmation detailing the changes must be sent to the Secretary who will notify all members of the details of the proposed changes by electronic mail at least 14 days before the meeting..

Cancellation policy

For all events, cancellation requests must be sent by e-mail at least three days before the event, or as otherwise detailed in the event announcements, in order to receive a refund.

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